Oven-Baked Easter Eggs

Over the past few weeks, I kept coming across pictures on Pinterest of oven-baked “hard-boiled” eggs. At first, I was skeptical. It seemed too easy and most of the comments questioned the results. I Googled it and found several reputable (i.e. cooking websites) that had similar recipes to those on Pinterest. I decided to give it a try …

baking eggs

To make the eggs, I preheated the oven to 325 degrees (regular setting, not convection). I put the eggs on their sides (to keep the yolks centered while cooking) in the muffin pans and popped them in the oven for 30 minutes. After they were done, I placed them in a sink filled with ice water and let them cool for 5 minutes.
Note — when I opened the oven I was surprised to see brown spots on the egg shells. These spots disappeared as soon as I put them in water. Whew!

I couldn’t wait to see how they turned out — and to make sure we would be ready to dye the eggs for Easter. Luckily (or unluckily?), one of the eggs cracked while in the oven. I proceeded to make egg salad. The eggs were perfect!


Hard-boiling eggs should be easy enough but I always seem to over cook my eggs. The tell-tale green edge around the yolks doesn’t make for the prettiest deviled (or “devilish” thanks to Ellie Kreiger) eggs. Now that I have mastered the art of baking my “hard-boiled” eggs, I am ready to turn them over to my kids to start decorating.

Happy Easter!

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Three Minutes and Out The Door



After a harried morning of waking up three tired boys, finding missing uniform pieces (oops … someone forgot to check that everything was set out last night), packing lunches, making (kid) breakfasts, checking backpacks, feeding the dog, grabbing the paper, and starting a kettle for tea; I had about three minutes to pull together my breakfast before dashing out to get the boys to school on time. I found that microwaving eggs is faster and healthier (less oil) for a quick breakfast. Plus, there is no pan to clean up later.

Three Minute Eggs
1 whole egg
1 egg white
pinch of oregano
salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
handfull of cilantro (or Italian parsley)
1-2 tbsps crumbled feta cheese
cooking spray (or olive oil in a mister)

Spray microwave-safe bowl with olive oil. Add 1-1/2 eggs, oregano, salt and pepper and whisk to combine. Microwave eggs for 1-1/2 minutes on high (they will puff up while cooking but deflate as soon as you take them out). Top with cilantro and feta cheese.

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Sew Cute

Sew Perfect

What a weekend! … 70 degrees on Saturday and snow/sleet on Sunday. Luckily I had a backup plan to keep my twins busy when they couldn’t go outside to play Sunday. We spent the better part of the afternoon making felt chicks, butterflies and flowers thanks to a couple of Easter craft kits I picked up at Target.

They loved learning to sew and making their own toys. I loved getting to spend a quiet afternoon with the two of them.

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A Perfect Lunch


A dear friend emailed me to share a recipe she had recently tried and thought I would love. I happened to have all of the ingredients on hand so I made it that evening. She was right, I did love the Zucchini and Mint Gazpacho with Radish Salsa! Even better, I had enough left over for my lunch the following afternoon. I used the extra Radish Salsa to top my vegetarian shredded cabbage tacos and enjoyed the perfect lunch.

It turns out that the recipe is from a favorite cookbook author/food blogger, Aran Goyoaga. You can view the soup recipe here.

Vegetarian Shredded Cabbage Tacos

4 corn tortillas
1/2 head of green cabbage, shredded
1/2 green bell pepper, sliced into narrow strips
1/4 red onion, sliced into narrow strips
1/4 cup salsa
Radish Salsa

Gently warm tortillas in a dry skillet to make the pliable but do not left them brown.

Top tortillas with cabbage, bell pepper, onion, salsa and Radish Salsa.


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This past Sunday, the word of the day was “endure”. While it might sound odd when applied to work, school, or to your family; there are some things we all must endure. Some are much harder than others. Today is the 4-year anniversary of my parent’s death. They were on their way to the beach for a long weekend, dreaming of the ocean and walks along the white sandy beaches. There have been times when I didn’t think I could get through the grief, but I have. I have endured this loss. I am enduring this loss. 

1 Corinthians 10:13

… And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

He has. I have a loving husband, three beautiful children, family, and friends who lift me up every single day. I am blessed.

I miss my wonderful, funny, and loving parents. At first I dreaded all of the big things: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Those ended up not being nearly as difficult as I imagined. It’s the small things, the everyday things, that still leave me reaching for the phone to share with my Mom and Dad. It’s all of the questions I now have as my sons get older that I didn’t know to ask. It’s not being able to share a recipe or a joke. 

The world/my world is not the same without them, but they are forever in my heart.


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Mom’s Ransom Rubbage Box

Mom's Ransom Rubbage Box

Mom’s Ransom Rubbage Box

In an attempt to start the new year off with less nagging and more hugging, I found this great idea on Pinterest from http://madsmemories.blogspot.com/2009/08/moms-ransom-rubbage.html and had to create one for my three sons.

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Chasing Seagulls


My First Original Painting

I took this photo of my oldest son running on the beach while visiting Amelia Island over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2008. It turned out to be the last day I spent with my parents before a car accident took them in March 2009. While I wish I could take credit for the poem, I cannot. It was sent to my by a friend who had received it after she and her husband suffered a loss.

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